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About Us

Kingson is an Education Corporation provides packages/programs which include Books, Multimedia, Orientations, Academic Audit, Personal Visit, Question Papers and Certificates helps learning more effective and enjoyable. We give more importance to Learning rather than Teaching; here child learns every steps of education naturally.

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Our Vision is to Change the Indian Education System from Lack Infrastructure to Better Infrastructure, Rigid to Flexible, Carry Several Books to Not to Carry Several Books, Memorizing to Exploring and Traditional Nature to equal important to sport and extracurricular as core subject etc.

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Our mission is to provide very high quality education in most affordable price which is available to the life of every Indian Student. We focus on Skill based rather than Knowledge based Education, Develop Teacher's mindset, Provide required support to School Management to Educate Society.

Our Teaching Solutions

We want to achieve the best results with our wide variety of learning options!

Kinson education package/program is designed with unique methodologies, learning and teaching principles. They are such as: Natural, Quantum Modular/Spiral, 80:20 Rule, Success Centered and Example Centric. All the methodologies are listed out on the left hand side. Please click on the links on the left to know more about the methodologies. Pictures and explanations will give you better clarity.

NATURAL Methodology

Our NATURAL methodology qualifies LSRW skills in order (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing), which is considered to be the natural process of learning by most of the educationists.

Quantum Modular/Spiral Methodology

Kingson curriculum gives the basic and necessary concepts initially. With this base the student starts using what he has learnt. As the student progresses, the details and the more complex concepts are taught.

Syllabus has been designed with a spiral structure in mind. This means that a student is initiated into a topic in the first year. In the second year, he recollects or revises what he has learnt in the previous year and then learns some more. In the third year (if the topic requires so), he revises what he has learnt in the first two year and learns some more. In this way, in is ensured that the student learns, recollects and learns something new again. This helps him to retain the subject much longer. He can relearn these topics at a later point of time (if necessary) with minimal effort.

Example Centric - Known to Unknown

Computer science subject is completely new and unknown to the children. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the concept also. Instead of teaching computer Science subject directly to the student, we teach them via example oriented approach.

Unknown Concept:

Let's assume you have to teach a concept called 'How a computer works?'

Typical Definition

Computer works under IPO cycle. i.e. it takes data from the user as Input (I), Processes (P) the received data (converts Input into Output) and gives Output (O) as the final result.

To explain the above concept we can take the example of a Mixer Grinder. A Mixer Grinder takes cutting fruits, milk and sugar as Input, grind them thoroughly which is the Process and gives fruit juice as Output. It is easy for the students to understand the concept through known example and in turn makes it much easier to understand the related concept of an unknown lesson.

Success Centered - Easy to Difficult

Every student should have a sense of achievement and the positive feeling of fulfillment that goes with it, as he goes through the Kingson classes. Therefore, graded exercises are given so that most of the students can confidently complete the first few exercises, while the more difficult ones may be completed only by the brighter students. This ensures that every student acquires a certain level of fulfillment needed to sustain his interest in computers, while the brighter students are sufficiently challenged.

Focus 80:20 principles - Vital Few Trivia

In respect to each skill set, the few vital concepts and competencies are taught early, leaving less critical and detailed concepts for higher classes. For example: In MS word, we prefer teaching the most important 20% such as introduction to Word Processor, Working with MS word - Typing, Saving, Formatting, File menu, Edit menu and Format menu with 3 or 4 options each. With this knowledge child should be able to do 80% of his requirement in Word Processor such as Creating a document, Opening an existing document, Saving Modifying and Making the document attractive etc.


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Methodology & Deliverables, Sessions at a Glance and Sessions in Detail


Combination of 3D, Screen Video, Image and Text

Text Book

Multicoloured design with high quality illustrations/screenshots

Unique Steps

Step by step instructions to do practical

Activity Book

Exercises, Practical exercises and space to write Practical Steps

Computer Activity

Interactive learning tool with Evaluation

Question Paper

For every summative and formative examinationc


Freeware/Shareware, Required Images, Semi-finished Exercises, Answers and Solutions

Orientation Program

Atleast twice an year

Academic Audit

Atleast twice an year


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